A Taste of Summer

29 Aug

Peaches are one of my favorite fruits. When I was young, my dear late aunt used to tell me that when my mother was pregnant with me, she ate so many peaches — right off of my aunt’s peach tree — that I was born with a birthmark on my arm that had a striking resemblance to a peach. While, I’ve never truly believed the story (I have no birthmarks on my arms), I do believe my love for peaches started in the womb. Eating a peach always reminds me of my aunt, who was a loving influence, a fantastic cook and encouraged me to cook and bake. I miss her dearly.

Recently, two friends and I each bought a 1/2 bushel of local peaches and since then my mind has been swirling with all of  the yummy things I can make and bake. That is, if I don’t manage to eat them all first. Since getting the half bushel on Saturday, I’ve been averaging about 3 peaches per day…these peaches are so juicy and sweet.

My first peach-related foray was to try canning them, a project made easier and funner when done with friends. I’ve never canned before, but after canning with my pals, it wasn’t nearly as daunting as I thought it would be. With a blog post from Make It Do as our guide, we successfully canned six jars worth of peaches. I suppose the true test of our success will be in a few months when we don’t get botulism from eating these peaches.

My first attempt at canning peaches

The following day, I decided to make peach crisps using one of my all-time favorite recipes from the Washington Post. I stored these in the freezer to share with friends later, with the exception of one which of course I had to sample to make sure the crisps turned out all right (it was delicious).

I also peeled, pitted and quartered a bunch of peaches and froze them, yet I still have so many peaches left. It would be a shame to let these peaches go to waste, so here’s my action plan for the rest of the peaches: mini crostatas, preserves, more freezing, more canning and of course more eating.

More peachy updates to come soon…


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