The One Thing You Would Give Up

29 Aug

The images coming out of Africa are heartbreaking. As I complain about having nothing to eat — despite a very full fridge — millions of people are suffering and dying from starvation in the Horn of Africa. And let’s not forget those in our own communities.

World Vision has started a campaign called “What One Thing Would You Give Up” which is rallying the worldwide community to band together to fight hunger in Africa.

I abide by a pretty strict budget, but I think the one thing I will give up this week is buying coffee and instead make my daily cup at home. That surely adds up to more than $10 a week. It is amazing how cheap coffee is actually to make, yet I don’t bat an eyelash when handing over my $3.00 for my grande soy latte at my corner coffee shop.

So the question is: what’s one thing you typically spend $10 on that you could give up this week? Instead of spending money on that one thing, text in your $10 donation to “FAMINE” at “20222” and join World Vision in fighting hunger in the Horn of Africa.


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