Happy Bundt Cake Day!

15 Nov

A couple of years ago I discovered that November 15 is National Bundt Cake Day. Ever since then, I’ve tried to make it a point to bake a bundt to honor this humble, yet versatile cake. I know it’s silly and kitschy, but it’s also a great excuse to try out a new recipe and share some cake love with friends and neighbors. This year, I decided to tackle the Chocolate Bundt Cake from Grand Central Bakery which is one of my favorite bakeries in Seattle. Their breads, cookies and other pastries are divine and this cake which is chock full of butter, sour cream, cocoa powder, chocolate and coffee (to bring out even more of the chocolate flavor; it’s otherwise undetectable), is no exception.

Initially, my plan was to make six mini bundts plus maybe a loaf cake rather than one big cake.  However, even after allocating the batter for the mini bundts, I still had enough batter to bake a full-size bundt. I coated the mini bundts with a rich chocolate ganache and will be passing them along to my buddies, S and R, who are the biggest chocoholics I know. My ganache application wasn’t the neatest — okay, a little sloppy — but I don’t think S and R will mind, as long as it’s chocolate. Plus, I think the less-than perfect coating adds some character to the precise lines rendered from the bundt pan.

The big bundt, which I kept unfrosted, went straight to the freezer for safe keeping and I’ll pull it out this holiday season for a hostess gift or a tasty treat for unexpected guests. A dusting of powdered sugar should be enough to dress up and complement the richness of the chocolate cake.

Happy Bundt Cake Day!


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