Birthday Treats

25 Jan

Last September, the twin daughters of one of my dearest friends celebrated their 13th birthday. For weeks prior to their bat mitzvah, I wracked my brain trying to figure out what to get them. Growing up, I vowed never to become an adult who gave kids/teenagers irrelevant gifts and that thought haunted me. Then, my friend (their mother), knowing how much I love to bake, came up with a brilliant idea: why not make the girls a homemade treat, a la a treat of the month club. Bingo! The girls love anything chocolate and being on a schedule to bake, which is pure joy, would allow me to try new recipes and techniques. My only restrictions were no nuts and no fruit — nothing but chocolate.

Rather than delivering a treat every month, I’m giving them a sugar fix every other month, much to my friend’s relief. September kicked off with Triple Chocolate Cookies. I forgot to take a picture.

Next, came November and Chocolate Ganache Covered Mini Chocolate Bundts. This coincided nicely with National Bundt Cake Day on November 15.

For my delivery this month, they’ll be getting cake pops. I’ve seen these all over the Web and and have never made them. I presumed they would be a piece of cake to make (no pun intended), but, it did take me two batches to get the texture of the cake ball to the right level of fudginess.

This has been a fun process and I’m already thinking about what I’ll make for March.


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