Raspberry Tiramisu Cupcakes

12 Jun

Has it really been four months since my last post? Seems life gets in the way of our favorite activities sometimes.

In an effort to be more healthy and to drop a few nagging pounds, I’ve started to experiment more with vegan and gluten free baking. While cooking without animal products or wheat flour doesn’t always mean low calorie, I feel a real difference in my energy level and my waist line when I focus on more plant-based eating. Don’t get me wrong; I still enjoy a butter-laden scone or cookie every once in a while, but for now, it’s been fun testing out vegan and gluten free recipes.

One of my recent vegan baking adventures revolved around Chef Chloe’s vegan Raspberry Tiramisu Cupcakes.

In a nutshell, these cupcakes are delicious. The moist and tender crumb of the cake was much like a regular milk and butter-filled batter. I’m no professional, but I would attribute part of that to the chemical reaction of the vinegar, baking soda and non-dairy milk in the recipe which acts much like buttermilk in a non-vegan recipe. It took me two attempts to get the cake just right (unfortunately, I had to throw out my first batch which turned out too oily and heavy for some reason), so if you decide to try this recipe out — and I highly recommend that you do — here are a couple of my lessons learned:

  • Using the scoop-and-level method for the flour worked better than spooning the flour into the measuring cup. I wish more recipes would include weight measurements in addition to volume.
  • I used a pastry bag and tip to frost the cupcakes and ended up with a ton of leftover frosting. If you plan to only make a dozen cupcakes I think halving the recipe will yield enough frosting to more than adequately cover all of the cupcakes.
  • I also ended up with a lot of leftover raspberry filling. I thought I’d filled the cupcakes pretty well, but maybe not.

Happy baking!


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